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aimed is an award winning strategic marketing and experiential activations agency. 

aimed explores, evaluates and congregates your brand assets to the black dot. The very essence. The utmost disruptive approach to your brand communications. 


We perform marketing, advertise across industries and beyond lines, always engaged to captivate your audience with persuasive impact.

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We discover purpose and tie holistic solutions to excite remarkable corporate communication concepts.

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We get your story and message across with refreshing ideas adapted to the appropriate state of the art channels and formats.

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Is your message aimed at the right receptors?

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We are flattered to have been given trust by the following corporations, companies and brands.

We are propelled by diving into new challenges to surprise you with innovative, fresh, wild, yet effective marketing concepts and realizations of all kind.

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aimed at purpose

Nowadays we are exposed to thousands of messages every day.

Who wants to be hit with another promotional message?

Yet, most brands don’t hesitate to crank out another self-absorbed message.

Tell a story about something that is incredibly moving.

Release something interesting to think about that could benefit the recipients life.

Understand aspirations and how your brand or company can help him along the path to reaching those.

Even though their head is full, suddenly they will have the capacity to listen to your message.

Because now you’re talking to their heart. And unlike their head, it has room.

One way to reorient your brand to aim for the hearts of your audience: Rather than obsess over what you want to say, ask:

How can we help those we hope to serve with their aspirations?

Answer that honestly and you’ll identify how your brand can align with what is really important to your audience. And when you align with what’s important to them, you become valuable.

Here’s an even more advanced exercise. Again, rather than listing out what you want to tell them, ask:

What profound positive impact can we have on a life, a community, or even the world?

Every organization has the opportunity to claim their meaning. And when it does, it connects with those you hope to serve in a way that is unparalleled. It is the most powerful way to win hearts.

We live in a world of distraction and information inundation. Unfortunately, with all our digital tools,  it’s easier than ever for an organization to add to the cacophony of self-absorbed messages that fill our heads every day.

aimed is aimed at supporting you to understand and stand out!

Ignite your marketing?

Contact us and brief us your challenge! 

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WELCOME TO aimed! 

Working with aimed firstly provides you with a great base for a better understanding of corporate and social communication evolution and issues, and an innovative partner behind the scenes with whom to generate customized, targeted, goal-specific marketing solutions. 

The last 20 years has seen massive changes in communication behaviour of nearly all target groups.

Companies and consumers are active on a multitude of platforms; taking in masses of information by the minute and developing their likes and their wants constantly.

They also see you, your brand and your offers in diverse settings and in different formats and styles. They interact, share opinions and influence the decisions of their business and social networks more easily than ever. 

So where do you come in? Where do you meet your targets? 

How do you trigger positive impact? How does it all come together? 

Getting your marketing communication right, what you do and where and how, requires not only a “360°” stage for expression, but primarily a truly holistic mindset, approach and form. 

aimed has been delivering outstanding solutions in this manner since 2005. From conceptualization to realization and at each essential point in between, effective internal activities and successful externally-focused campaigns have been implemented across diversified sectors and environments. 

Take a look at our comprehensive range of services and exciting activities and do get in touch to see how you can benefit from our proven strategies, latest innovations and value adding creativity.